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Traveling for business isn't always easy.  Business trips are often associated with long hours, uncomfortable hotel stays, and awful jet lag.  However, it is important to build relationships with clients and closing deals often requires these trips.  If you are traveling to Miami, Florida for business, your hours may still be long and you may still be feeling the jet lag, but you will have a comfortable, convenient and relaxing stay when you choose Hilton Miami Downtown.  As an expert business travel hotel, Hilton Miami Downtown would like to offer a few essential tips for business travel that will guarantee your next trip to Miami an enjoyable one.  

One of the first business travel tips we offer is to keep a checklist when packing.  By crossing things off your list as you pack you’ll be sure to have everything you need.  If you travel often avoid forgetting toiletries and charging cables for electronics by keeping them in your luggage at all times.  However, if you did forget something, whether it be toothpaste or your phone charger, don’t be afraid to ask your hotel for assistance.  If your business travel hotel is anything like our Hilton Miami Downtown, there is someone who knows how to help.  Our Concierge is available from 7am to 11pm to help with any issues include finding you toothpaste to calling the airport for lost luggage.

Another one of our tips for business travel is to pack everything you need in a carry-on.  Avoid checking in your bags at the airport.  For one, this will help prevent lost luggage and two, this will save you time as you won’t have to wait for your luggage at baggage claim.  By the time most people claim their luggage, you will have already arrived at your hotel.  This is particularly true if you made your Miami hotel reservations at our Hilton Miami Downtown, which is only 15 minutes away. 

Now that you are at the hotel, one of our favorite business travel tips is to use the Concierge provided to you at the hotel!  There is nothing more depressing than arriving in a new city, ravenously hungry and not having a clue as to where to eat.  Not only can the Concierge recommend a good restaurant, but if you call ahead, he or she can make a reservation for you.  Whether you need restaurant or sightseeing information, the Concierge is a reliable source that can recommend hot spots in the city that only locals know about.  The Concierge is also here to help you use your time as efficiently as possible.  If you have stained your suit, instead of finding a dry cleaner on your own in an unfamiliar city, let the Concierge help.   

Whether it's avoiding lost luggage, exploring new places, or simply using your time as efficiently as possible, we hope our business travel tips help maximize your trip experience.  At the Hilton Miami Downtown, we hope you will consider booking your next Miami hotel reservations with us, a business travel hotel that understands what our guests need.