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Experience the Wonder of Coral Castle Museum

One of the most unusual yet astounding things to do in Miami, Coral Castle Museum is the place to go to witness human ingenuity. Built by one man, Edward Leedskalnin, this amazing edifice was painstakingly carved and sculpted over a period of 28 years.

Miami Museums Worth Your Time: Coral Castle

Coral Castle Museum in Miami is many things at once: a sculpture garden, one man’s life work, an art exhibit, and an enduring mystery.

The Mystery

The mystery of the Castle’s construction died with its creator, who single-handedly transported, carved, and sculpted over 1,100 tons of coral rock without using any large machinery or outside help. To this day, no one knows exactly how he did it. However, the “why” is less of an enigma: Edward Leedskalnin created his life’s work in tribute to his lost love, Agnes Scuffs, after she left him broken-hearted one day before their wedding.

Programs and Events

Unique Miami museums like this one host equally unique events. At Coral Castle, you can join in on the first Saturday of every month for “Psychic Saturday,” where fortune telling and palm reading may help you unfold your future.

Tour groups are also welcome at the site. Check the museum website for group rates, hours, and admission information.

Museums in Miami, Fla. are a great way to spend your time and learn some local history while you’re traveling. Make sure to visit the Coral Castle Museum when staying with us here at the Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel.